The South Bronx Puerto Rican street gang/ community peacekeepers and musicians ‘The ghetto brothers’ were solely responsible for inciting the peace meeting of all the neighborhood gangs of New York such as The Savage Skulls, Savage Nomads and ‘The Black Spades’ of which the Godfather of hip hop Afrika Bambaataa held the title of ‘Warlord’ and later […]

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Ghetto misfortune’s wealth

If you’re as fanatical about soulful music as me, in particular from the 70’s, then there’s certain albums you unquestionably need to have in your collection and this weeks an absolute masterpiece thatr may have escaped your attention. Artist: The 24 carat black Album: Ghetto:Misfortune’s wealth Genre: Soul/Funk Label: Stax Year: 1973 ‘Ghetto:Misfortune’s wealth’ is […]

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