Andre Devaugn & The Seventh Groove Consortium – Transient Reality

Greetings folks, sorry its been a while, in between work and music I find myself with very little time but on this occasion I feel inspired to share this album with you lovely people. Once in a while these rare gems land in my ears and influence me to just throw the boat out and be as experimental as I can be. I’ve been writing all the music for Andre Devaugn & The seventh groove consortium since 2014 upon releasing the first album ‘Reflection’, some early hurdles got in the way of that release but I managed to look past it to complete another 2 mini albums, of which Transient reality’ is the most recent. I’ll spare you and myself the embarrassment of writing in third person about my own musical exploits but what I will say is that I’m pleased with the way it turned out, and it will more than probably be my last work under this identity so I feel even better about it.Rather than keeping it strictly retro like the previous two releases I thought it’d be cool to bring things back up to date slightly on this one.

Hopefully people will get where I’m coming from and hear my vast array influences, after all there’s nothing new under the sun, the album is out on the stylish French record label Groove Park Records.


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