Chat One & The mighty 13th Note Alliance stand strong.

16 years on and the battle to save real music still rages on..

Defenses are exhausted, many who joined the mighty 13th alliance in the early stages of the war have gone M.I.A, some have fallen but will forever stand beside as brothers in spirit as they did in battle, while others have gone further underground in order to preserve, rebuild and further strengthen their regime.The evil industry forces are as relentless as they ever were in polluting the airwaves with their digitally generated synthetic garbage on a global scale and no matter how many of their transmitters the alliance wipe out, they seem to come back with a vengeance.The general, Chat One, the original 13th assassin still stands defiant, but was forced into exile by the clone army in 2013 after the apocalypse, he continues to conduct the resistance with a will of iron, under many varied musical identities from an undisclosed location outside of the war-torn Sector 13 (A former musical stronghold between London and East Anglia).The opposition launched a propaganda war on the 13th alliance in 2012 when their servers were infiltrated and their general was the subject of the kind of typical digital propaganda attack waged by the trolls of the dark digital forces, ultimately designed to break moral…..their efforts were unsuccessful and soon after any short-lived glory and reputation they did have, was ultimately consumed by their own hatred and finally laid to rest by key remaining figures of the resistance in Sector 13.

According to a written account from a former corporal of the original 13th Alliance, “Chat One would strike fear into his enemies by displaying raw skills on real instruments and frequently switching styles and genres, a technique the robots of the clone army could never perfect, as well as manipulating their machines to beat them at their own styles.In the early days, he told us with prophetic words that we would witness the day when ‘The machines would sing’ and cast terror upon the level of opportunity for real songwriters and musicians”, he was always right about that”, recalls the former corporal “Nobody can ever stop someone like him who has forfeited everything for the cause he believes in”.

Those who still remain, remain vigilant, and hopeful that one day, the art of music is restored to its former glory, for now it’s man Vs machine, and money Vs talent, underground Vs the industry machines and wisdom Vs ignorance, the war is never won….

Forthcoming projects include ‘3am Nocturnal beats’ and ‘The Machine’

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